Allie in Wonderland

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Ahhh....things to be done!

So little time, too many things to do....

I've been attempting to write a 10-15 pg paper on the educational pschologytheories that I would apply to a high school art lesson on cubism for the past three days...but to no avail! My mind is pulling me in about 30,000,000 million directions at once, so hopefully the vomit that I have just exuded onto my so called application paper will suffice by Monday morning. At least if its done by then my teacher will hack it up and tell me whats wrong with it before its due for real....

Game day Sunday...North Dakota State...recruiting obligations....packing....blah

Things to do list

1. Di's birthday
2.Turn in Case Study for Diversity in Contemporary I heart doing group projects solo.
3. Turn in worst Educational Psychology paper ever writen
4. Practice
5. Fly to Virginia
6. Work on Modern Art paper comparing Monet to Boucher

1. Squeeze in any work time possible
2. Pregame shoot around/meal
3. Surely a time-killing mall visit
4. Game vs. Virginia Commonwealth
5. Dinner
6. Back to work

1. Fly home
2. Work en route
3. Arrive in Detroit around noon, T-town 1-ish
4. Katie comes to see me so we can eat turkey together and pretend to have a normal life
5. Fake work on homework on my "day off"

1. Happy freaking hollidays...hope everyone is enjoying their families
2. Cook punkin pies, stuffing, and green beans
3. Practice 5-7
4. Weight lifting, (on Thanksgiving honestly...give it a break)
5. Thanksgiving dinner at approximately 9

1. Amanda's birthday
2. Leave for U. of Michigan
3. Try to finish my weaving project on the bus and not scream at or kill anyone
4. Practice
5. Decent dinner
6. Waste idle time goes on and on from here...I just dont have the time to write anymore, proctrastinating study break over...back to "work"

if anyone has any advice on keeping my sanity...please share!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I've just found my way onto and have no idea what is going on yet. Just typing for procrastinations sake really...who knows if anyone willll ever even find me here....